Mythicon Dragonian Blue Water Carbon Speargun

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Mythicon’s heavy artillery.

Specially designed for shooting big game trophies.
The only equipped with Water Ballast System for ideal buoyancy and reduced recoil.

The Water Ballast is described as the weapon’s capability to fill itself partially with water for regulated buoyancy and better control.

* Equipped with mid-hand mechanism that enables the user to adjust the distance between the trigger and his finger.

True blue water cannon for tuna wahoo etc

Comes with slip tip and break away

Body Length 165cm
Load Length 150cm
Shaft 1.80cm x 8mm or 1.80cm x 9mm (with slip tip & 60 cm wire rope)
Bands 4 x 16 mm or 4 x 17.5 mm
Reel Capacity 100mm - 2mm rope