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Aussie Spearfishing Reel

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Aussie reels has been making high quality speargun reels for over 15 years in Perth, Western Australia.  The idea sprouted when founders, Barry & Hans thought, ‘there must be a way not to have to drill our speargun barrels!’  Today, Aussie reels continues the tradition of supplying top level reels that easily mount onto a huge range of spearguns.  These reels feature all stainless internals and glass-filled acetal construction and are proven to hold up to big game.

These Barracuda reels clamp onto the barrel of your speargun and fit snugly with the appropriate gasket adapter for your barrel’s outside diameter. If you’re not sure what the diameter is please check the chart or give us a call.

The bases are all black and the spools are available in a variety of colors.

A Woodie base is also available to screw into a wood gun. Select your spool color, base type and adapter size below.