C4 Open Sea 29 Spearfishing Float

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OPEN SEA 29 is manufactured in high resistance PVC material by “drop stitch” technology. The construction and the high capacity valve allow this board to be inflated at 29PSI (2 bar) making it ideal for blue water fishing. When the buoy is deflated it can be rolled and stowed away in a very small space.

OPEN SEA 29 features 6 stainless steel D-rings on the bottom and 6 on the sides. The 6 D-rings on the sides feature elastics to carry spearguns.

Handles are featured on the top and on the sides.

On the bottom there is a pocket that can be used to insert a 1Kg weight to better stabilise the float.

OPEN SEA 29 is supplied with a high visibility 30x30cm flag and a 90cm long flag pole. A pump, a bag and a repair kit are also supplied together with the float.

• Size 90cm x 28cm x 15cm

• 90cm flag pole and 30x30cm flags • 12 stainless steel D-Rings

• 3 handles