Moana Hybrid Carbon Freedive Fins

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  • 100% carbon "hybrid" performance, not materials. Incredible range of use.
  • Available in hybrid soft (softer than our old soft) and hybrid medium (tiny bit stiffer than our old hybrid soft), 87 cm length.
  • Short, relaxed kicks feel softer, larger kicks more powerful - hybrid performance.
  • Hybrid soft has a firm base and soft tip with rapid progression of flex.
  • Hybrid medium has a firm base and a medium tip with rapid progression of flex.
  • Efficient like a soft blade during easy kicking (surface, drifts, steady ascents) 
  • Incredible medium to stiff blade power when you kick harder or dolphin kick
  • Improves form by matching power with resistance
  • Generally recommended for spearfishing and divers up to 100kg. 
  • Preferred fin of Moana staff, Daryl Wong, Shell Eisenberg, and Kyle Gion
  • Longer length and firm base = more load, so if you used medium fins, order the hybrid soft.
  • If you are used to medium firm fins, order the hybrid mediums or contact if you have concerns
  • The pocket option is for Hammerhead Kaudal like shown in first image but if you prefer Pathos, Cetma S Wing or C4 we can also accommodate after purchase