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Rob Allen Roller Railgun Speargun

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Rob Allen Tuna Roller Gun

The world of roller guns just got better with the introduction of the new Rob Allen Tuna Roller. After two years of research and devlopment and many modifications.

Rob Allen has taken the time to rid the desgn of the flaws that many of todays roller have. Featuring high quality ceramic bearings there is no riskof bearing damage or wear from sand and debris.

There is an increased in performance of 10-15% over compairable bushings. Rigged standard with 16mm bands streched to 300%and a double wrap of Dyneema, the RA roller muzzle can also be used with 14mm and 18mm bands.

The roller gun comes partnered with the robust and comfortable Vecta handle, stainless steel line release and world famous Rob Allen spring steel shafts.

This new speargun offers minimal recoil with maximum power to take a huge range of fish. The muzzles unique line guide system and power band ensures effortless reloading, combined with stainless steel anchor points and a full band extension, the utmost accuracy and quality is guaranteed.

Rob Allen Tuna Roller Gun is unlike conventional spearguns in which the rubber bands take up only 30-40 per cent of the barrel length, the roller speargun allows you to utilize the full length of the barrel, as the spear shaft is accompanied all the way to the end of the barrel.

Essentially, the roller speargun gets its extra power from the longer band pull, instead of more bands.

Likewise, the pre-tensioned rubbers underneath allow for more power and strength right up to the end of stroke. Resulting in more speed and momentum.

This increase in power of the Rob Allen Tuna Roller Gun allows for more penetration on the target and more accuracy and range of your shot. Another advantage to roller guns is the way the have less recall due the roller counter acting the rubber releasing both ways.

Carbon version available upon request via email

Ceramic bearings
Large durable rollers
Minimal recoil
Stain Steel Anchor Points
Versatile vecta handle
Simple and easy reloading
Spring steel shaft