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Rob Allen Wahoo Carbon Railgun Speargun

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Rob Allen Wahoo Carbon

After over two years of development the Rob Allen carbons guns are back,  with the Rob Allen Wahoo Carbon at the top of the list. Each individual barrel is hand airbrushed for unparalleled detail, no two are alike.

Rob Allen premium carbon barrels are manufactured using a revolutionary epoxy bonding process to ensure that every barrel is strong enough to not only withstand, but conquer the harshest conditions possible. A “pultrusion” type of manufacturing is used creating a much larger ratio of fibre to bonding agent compared to hand laid up. RA gets up to 80% fibre to 20% bonding agent.

Every barrel is pressure tested twice to ensure every barrel that leaves the factory is to the highest standard. No other barrel on the market is tested to the depth of 40M for 1 hour. Rigged stock with two 16mm bands, 7mm spear, and open muzzle.

Available from 90cm to 150cm.  Perfect for roller gun application as well.