Hammerhead Bulk Rubber 14mm - 16mm

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Serious and Recreational divers trust the quality and dependability of HAMMERHEAD SPEARGUNS to re-power their spearfishing needs. HammerHead Spearguns is the largest and only spearfishing company to use 100% USA manufactured natural latex rubber. HammerHead’s large production volumes, US manufacturing, and quick efficient logistics ensure the best prices on the freshest latex rubber products, this is the same high quality speargun rubber sold on every single HammerHead Spearguns.

HammerHead’s Premium High Modulus 5/8” or 16 mm Diameter Tubing is our highest power formulation for spearguns yielding approximately 120 pounds of force per band, with a 400% elongation. A reduced inner diameter also minimizes any water intrusion slowing interior degradation. This is the same high-quality rubber used for decades by HammerHead Spearguns and you will enjoy its consistent formulation from batch to batch, year after year.

High Quality FDA Compliant formulation with reduced latex allergens ensures consistent stretch and return even after numerous elongation cycles and does not crack and melt in the sun like inferior imported rubber. This resistance to melting is especially important in tropical areas and under summer’s hot sun. Our US quality control also ensures overall diameters are maintained as fluctuating OD’s can be a problem with imported dipped rubber production.

Our 5/8” High Modulus Rubber Tubing is available in a variety of pre-cut lengths from 1’ to 50’ fulfilled directly from ἅmazon or shipped from HammerHead’s climate controlled storage facility.