JBL Shaka Black Carbon Polespear

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When it comes to performance, nothing compares to the Shaka Black polespear series.  It’s been designed to be the apex polespear.  The Shaka Black features an all carbon fiber construction made from a proprietary unidirectional weave pattern.  This material has been optimized for maximum strength and rigidity.  It allows for zero flex under load and maximum transfer of energy to your target.  A weighted stainless steel head adds crucial mass for impacts that clobber game.  Precision machined, over-sized aluminum unions add additional rigidity and durability.  Available in 6, 7, 8, and 9 feet.  These three piece travel pole spears come complete with our break–away tip and travel case.  No game prey is safe with a Shaka Black in your hands.

Shaka Black Features:

  • All carbon design
  • Unidirectional proprietary carbon pattern ensures no loss of inertia when shooting
  • Maximum stiffness
  • Stainless weighted head
  • Rear notch for Break-Away setup
  • High modulus Nitro Band for improved speed and penetration power
  • Convenient travel case for on the go hunting
  • Break-Away rockpoint tip for shooting larger game (890)
  • 6mm male threaded tip with removable iron for 6mm female setups
  • Made in America