JBL Xcelerator Carbon Freedive Fins

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The Xcelerator carbon blades represent the next era of performance freediving.  Their design is the result of years of research and development alongside leading engineers in the aerospace industry.  The layered 45° twill carbon provides uniform stiffness at the toe and tapers to a soft or medium flex at the blade’s end.  Unlike other fins, Vector-Flex carbon layering creates a seamless transition from stiff to flexible across the blade. This translates to a fin that can harness top power but doesn’t cause fatigue or leg cramp.

Xcelerator freedive blades are constructed of pre-preg material to utilize resin content consistency.  This construction provides unmatched durability.  These fins are virtually bomb proof.  They feature a molded 26 degree angle for optimum power thrust.  The TPU side rails and tapered blade profile work in unison to channel water down the blade, not over the sides.  This in turn helps maximize thrust and enhance water propulsion.  The combination of this cutting edge blade and our legendary full foot pocket make this the ultimate freedive fin.  Some would say Xcelerator fins almost make diving unfair.


  • Full Foot Pocket that Utilizes Three Material Densities
  • Stiff Foot Pocket Bed for Enhanced Thrust
  • Soft Foot Pocket Upper for Reduced Foot Fatigue
  • Modular Design
  • TPU Side Rails
  • Tapered Blade Profile
  • Full Carbon Fiber Fin Blade
  • 26° Blade Angle
  • Stiff Blade Base for Maximum Transfer of Energy
  • Vector-Flex Carbon Fiber Layering
  • Embedded JBL Tuna Coffin Logo