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Rob Allen7mm Threaded Euro Shafts Notched / Wired

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Rob Allen Euro Threaded Shafts
Rob Allen has just released its first batch of 7mm threaded spears with 6mm thread which are currently available in both notched and wire sharkfin for slip tips setups. Unlike some brands who heat and thread their spears, the Rob Allen spears are custom CNC machined to ensure hardness. Spears for 70cm to 150cm guns are currently in stock. Shooting line can be attached to both rear line hole or wire fin, the wire sharkfins have been tested to over 340kg breaking strength.

70cm gun = 97cm/38″
80cm gun = 107cm/42″
90cm gun = 117cm/46″
100cm gun = 127cm/50″
110cm gun = 137cm/54″
120cm gun = 147cm/58″
130cm gun = 157cm/62″
140cm gun= 167cm/ 65″
150cm gun= 177cm/69″