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Red Tide Speargun Shaft Powerheads

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We do not condone hunting fish with powerheads, however we do condone protecting yourself. These powerheads are are CNC machined from delrin and precision made to fit most popular shafts sizes.(7.0 mm, 7.5 mm, 9/32, and 5/16) They are designed to accept standard .223 ammunition. (The .223 ammo rounds are not included and must be purchased elsewhere as we do not sell ammo) There is no firing pin or any moving parts to fail. It is best to put some fingernail polish on the ammo to make it water tight before taking them in the water. You must exercise extreme caution at all times when using these devices. Slide them gently on the front of your speargun shaft from the side. Never put your hand or fingers on top the the powerhead when loading or unloading and never point in the direction of another person. These are a one time use item. Once fired they will disintegrate. Please use these responsibly and only use to protect yourself.

We now offer powerhead weight belt holders for $19.95