Andre 110 Inverted Mini Roller Speargun with Carbon Stringers

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Amazing power and little to no recoil! This model is compact and powerful! Great for shore dives for all types of standard reef fish but still packs the punch to get striped bass or white sea bass on . The cuddlefish shape allows the speargun to cut through the water effortlessly while tracking fish. 

The Andre 110CM Inverted ROLLER is equip with a 7.5mm x 117cm flopper shaft two shark fin & rest tab, three sets of 16mm power bands. Several sets of bands make it easier to load and more powerful. If you want a powerful and more maneuverable roller...this is it! The Andre 110 Inverted Roller is extremely accurate without the recoil of a traditional 3 band spearguns. 

The Andre 110 Inverted Roller has a 43.75 inch (110cm) stock to keep it compact but still pack more power. The 4.5" euro handle maximizes band pull for the roller, while giving you a more natural aim compared to the midhandles that are placed 8-12" from the butt. The shaft & mechanism sit further back on the Andre 110 Inverted Roller to increase band pull and increase power.

Carbon fiber stringers limit the flex under load and provide rigidity for the stock to maximize accuracy.  

Beautiful unique teakwood handle that's very comfortable to hold.

This is an excellent speargun for the all reef fish and great for inshore bigger fish like like Grouper, Striped Bass, and White Seabass.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Experience the difference with your new Andre 110 Inverted Roller!


Speargun Features:  

Stock length - 43.75 inches (110cm)

Heavy-Duty laminate teak stock w/ carbonfiber stringers & ballasted from front to back

Power Bands: 

  • Top Line Pull - 34"
  • Bottom Bands:
    • 1st - stretches through speargun to top line anchors 16mm x 15" (each side)
    • 2nd - 16mm x 8.75" (each side)
    • 3rd - 16mm x 20" (continuous band)

Band Stretch: 

  • Top Line Pull - 34"
  • Bottom Bands:
    • 1st - 46"
    • 2nd - 30"
    • 3rd - 27"

Spear Track - Open Track w/ Carbon Stringers 

Handle - Custom Ergonomic Teakwood Grip

Handle Placement - 4.5" from the back of the butt

Line - breakaway 400 lb monofilament

Shaft Diameter - 7.5mm x 117cm (46") Flopper

Tip - Flopper (slip tip optional)

Distance of shooting line to the end of the slip tip adapter 22'5" feet