Andre Mid Handle 160cm Tuna Speargun

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Overall, one of the best balanced speargun models for blue water hunting. It has an ideal weight, size, and power. The cuddlefish shape allows the speargun to cut through the water effortlesssly. You will not even notice that you are carrying a blue water speargun.

The spear track is a UHMW enclosed track for increased speed and accuracy. The last 8 to 12 inches is open track for easier loading. This also allows the spearo to shorten the bands without loosing accuracy. 

The Midhandle 160 is equip with a 5/16"x67" (24" thread) shaft, a slip tip and four 5/8"x30" power bands. The Midhandle 160 shoots straight as an arrow. This speargun has a tremendous effective shooting range of 27 feet.

This is an excellent speargun for fish like Wahoo, and Tuna! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Experience the difference with your new Midhandle 160!