C4 Gladius Camo Speargun

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GLADIUS CAMO and CAMO OCEAN are the camouflaged version of the standard GLADIUS speargun.

Inspired by animal camouflage it has been designed by hand by digitally painting a “textured skin” which makes the carbon fiber background visible. The final effect is similar to turtle skin and the colours of a spotted stingray.

The CAMO version is ideal for mediterrean type of settings while the CAMO OCEAN model is indicated for blue water fishing.


Dimensioni Gladius Camo

GLADIUS 85: Lunghezza Fusto: 850 mm – Lunghezza Asta: 1200 mm
GLADIUS 95: Lunghezza Fusto: 950 mm – Lunghezza Asta: 1300 mm
GLADIUS 105: Lunghezza Fusto: 1050 mm – Lunghezza Asta: 1400 mm
GLADIUS 115: Lunghezza Fusto: 1150 mm – Lunghezza Asta: 1500 mm