GatKu Hybrid Polespear 7ft - 10ft

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1/2″ diameter aluminum and 3/8″ diameter carbon-graphite creates the ultimate low-profile polespear. A sleek 3/8″ diameter front end allows a diver to effortlessly swing the polespear with little drag in the water. The 1/2″ solid aluminum requires minimal band strength for the speed and punch it delivers!

The GAT-KU hybrid construction consists of a 6061 solid aircraft aluminum rear combined with a flexible carbon-graphite front end.  One common problem with other polespears arise when a heavier fish is working the end of the shaft.  A front end will usually bend or break when carrying a big enough fish.  The carbon-graphite adds just enough flexibility to eliminate this problem.  All the beating is absorbed by the flexibility of the front end of the polespear, making it virtually indestructible.  The ‘punch’ of the solid aluminum and the flexibility of the front end makes this polespear a weapon of choice.

All polespears break down into half length.  An 6-footer will consist of a 3-foot rear segment, 2-foot front segment, and about A foot long head.  Overall lengths include the attached head.  All heads are approximately 15″ in length.

All Pole Spears Come with Grip Wrap