Aimrite Fury Carbon Open Speargun

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The Aimrite Fury Carbon Fiber Railgun is our strongest round barrel, made out of 100% pure carbon fiber with unbeatable strength. The fury is light weight, easy in tracking and offers minimal recoil.

Preferred Use: Advanced reef diving.

Available in:

Size: 90 cm - 130 cm

Muzzle: Regular or Integrated Machine Muzzle

Handle: Regular (Original) or Upgrade to our Fury Handle -

The Fury Handle is Aimrite’s toughest speargun handle, built with Dupont Super Tough Nylon. This advanced polymer is the same material used in many assault rifles through the world. The trigger mechanism is Metal Injection Molded (MIMS) Technology and is capable of withstanding over 1000 pounds of force.

*All guns come ready to shoot (Line,Rubbers & Shaft)

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