Nautilus Siphon Jet Series Pure Carbon Fins

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Disclaimer * Video Review is Gen. 1, Gen. 2 review coming!

Gen. 2

A new pressing technique is used in making our high end Nautilus Siphon Jet series blades in order to maximize all nerve characteristics of the raw carbon material. The design of the product gives special emphasis to maximum response, good memory, bending profile, and of course resistance to long hard extensive use. The type of fins in the market today mainly differ in the point and way the blade is meant to bend along it's axis. Fins are meant to be tailored precisely to the diver's swimming needs and not the other way around, so these fins are structured/layered with progressive stiffness using three types of pure carbon. Using special resin and heat treatment in a carefully chosen stable manufacturing environment ensure same quality in all runs. Bending profile for this fin is soft towards the end of the blade making it ideal for ascending from great depths with a stronger back half providing support. Surface swimming coincidentally is a breeze as well. 

We are adding a new layering technique T4 which changes the progressive stiffness on the blade resulting in more relaxed kicking transition = more o2 conservation. Right now we have T5 which is geared towards more power per stroke but same thing with a race car requires more fuel = o2 for us. So if you want efficiency and smooth transitions all day T4, if you want power to yank a fish off the bottom or chase down T5 

Best matched on a Pathos pocket, a whole set barely weighs in over 3lbs depending on pocket size.

Fin rails come in blue, green, white/pink logo with low profile to utilize the best channeling, lateral movement, and overall weight of the blade. The rubber compound is strong and very flexible to not rob the blade of it's performance. The color rails we think looks pretty cool and helps be seen at depth for your safety. 

Fin Specs:

78cm x 20cm

Angle Blade: 21*

Stiffness: Soft, Medium

2 Year Warranty