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Black Reef Vandal Roller Carbon Polespear

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Vandal-R Roller Polespear

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"The Vandal is the result of months of prototyping, research, and development. The fuel behind its conception was to create the perfect all-round polespear: The combination of subtly-agressive carbon aesthetics, top tier materials such as thick walled carbon and titanium components, and unparraleled performance with a shooting radius in excess of 15+  feet range, as far as most spearguns. This spear is built to exceed expectations."


The only neutrally buoyant polespear in the industry!



  • Titanium connections 
  • 12K Spread-tow aerospace textured carbon fiber body 
  • Composite roller bearings
  • Adhesive backed non-slip Black Beef style swirled grip
  • Diamondcoat epoxied Black Reef logo



Length: 10 feet (4 foot body sections, 2 foot injector)

Weight: approx 2.3bs

Thickness: 17.5mm or 11/16 inch

Band size: 14mm or 9/16 inch 

Load: approx. 40lbs @ max load


What is Ceramic Coating?

Industry grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that bonds to the surface and pores of the metal and carbon fiber to protect from UV, scratches, and will prolong the life of your spear. Ceramic coating is also frictionless and hydrophobic; our spears have shown results of accelerating quicker and shooting further.