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Seac Sub Motus Plastic Spearfishing Fins *All Colors*

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Spearfishing thermoplastic techno polymer fin of extreme flexibility and comfort. The shoe is made in thermoplastic elastomer, comfortable even when used with boots. The blade is high-elastic module techno polymer for exceptional performance and durability. The blade angle is 22 degrees – studied to obtain top performance with less effort.


  • Seac Sub Motus Fins:
  • Interchangeable Blade Fin Design
  • Special Techno-Polymer Formulation Focused on Blade's Flexibility and Reactivity
  • Foot Pocket:
    Comprised of Dual Density Material
    Hard Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Sole and Ribbing
    Soft TPR for Foot Pocket
    Optimizes Comfort and Performance
  • 22° Angle Between Blade & Foot
  • Angled Blade: Optimize Power of Thrust w/Less Effort
  • Heel Pull Tab for Easy Donning and Doffing
  • Non-Vented Blade Design
  • Available in Multiple Sizes