Hammerhead Roller Muzzle E2 Kit

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Now available by popular demand!  This is the same roller used in our Raptor Roller Speargun and Carbon Spearguns.

Now pimp your gun! Typically used with 26mm ID barrels.

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This kit comes with the following:

  • Raptor Roller Muzzle
  • Shaft
  • Roller Bands
    • Choice of Diameter and Color


HammerHead Evolution^2, w/Reef Roller Muzzle is the ideal set-up for hunting fast moving fish in Hawaii and abroad. The Reef Roller Muzzle effectively doubles the potential band stretch of your HammerHead Evolution Speargun adding increased range and power in a compact space.


With its compact length and increased power over traditional speargun bands your HammerHead Evolution Reef Roller is easily hidden flush against your body while ambush hunting (Lie and Wait Technique). The doubling of band stretch ensures you will have the reach to hit the most wary of targets.


Perfectly Designed, Manufactured, and Rigged in Hawaii the HammerHead Evolution^2 w/Reef Roller Muzzle features these innovative advantages:


  • Reef Roller Muzzle
    • The company that created the Open Muzzle Revolution over a decade ago now releases a perfectly simple Roller Muzzle for reefs and in-shore environments.   The Reef Roller Muzzle’s simple design keeps the shooting line away from the shaft and bands.  It’s low profile shape reduces drag and further ads to the stealth and power of the speargun.  Made from Stainless Steel and Glass Nylon construction the Reef Roller is the absolute perfect Single Roller (one band) set-up for all your spearfishing demands.


  • Roller Shaft
    • HammerHead’s proprietary Roller Shaft has the shark-fin welded to the flat of the shaft eliminating shooting line tangles and maximizing band stretch.  Made with a Loading Tab which also functions as an attachment for your shooting line the HH Roller Shaft aids in loading the logarithmic band stretch of a Roller.  Manufactured in the USA by HammerHead Spearguns.


  • Perfect Roller Speargun Rigging
    • HammerHead Spearguns design team created the perfect rigging for the Reef Roller Series.  Using HammerHead Spearguns Small ID Rubber which minimizes water intrusion into the core of the rubber when overstretched.    In addition the Patent Pending Metal Coil protects the wishbones from abrasion on the muzzle.
    • The highly elastic nature of HammerHead’s US Manufactured pure latex formulation with additional modulus optimizes Roller Speargun performance.   Often times this is referred to as “Progressive Stretch” where the speargun band is able to elongate past 400% where the logarithmic increase in power is obtained.