IST Polespear 3 Piece

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  • Annealed aluminum shaft is strong and stays rigid
  • Disassembles for travel and storage
  • Three segment assembly, ¾” diameter hollow tube
  • Includes sturdy, attractive, compartmentalized case
  • Dimensions – Total length when fully assembled: 6’6” (200cm); segment lengths: 20” + 25 5/8” + 27.5” (50.8cm + 65.09cm + 69.85cm); spear head: 14mm on the female side; prong length: 5”

IST Sports multi-segment pole spears are easy to use, perfect for travel, and each comes with a 3-prong paralyzer tip.  Simply connect each segment and the tip together and you’re ready to fish! 


The IST Aluminum 3 Segment Pole Spear with 3-Prong Paralyzer Tip is ideal for those who need a spear that breaks down to an extra-compact length for stowing and travel. 


The careful design and attention to detail in this spear shows every bit of the over 35 years’ experience this respected manufacturer has put into developing the world’s best dive gear.  The end result of the engineering behind this high carbon annealed aluminum pole is extra rigidity and energy transfer with virtually no flex.  You’ll get greater spear speed with minimal water disruption.


Built to travel, the spear is composed of three segments that feature precision machined unions for seamless fit.  Quick and easy to disassemble for stowing in gear bags, luggage or a backpack.  The included high-quality, roll-style storage case includes compartments for each piece, and is constructed of heavy-duty canvas with Velcro closure strap.


The replaceable sling is made of black surgical rubber and adjusts easily for power variation.  When fully assembled with the 3-prong paralyzer tip, the pole spear is 79” long.  


Total length when fully assembled: 6’6” (200cm)

Segment lengths: 20” + 25 5/8” + 27.5” (50.8cm + 65.09cm + 69.85cm)

Spear head: 14mm on the female side 

Prong length: 5”