JBL Aluminum Travel Polespear

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Big things come in small packages.  JBL travel polespears pack light and are ready for adventure.  They’re made from 6063 aircraft grade aluminum and feature a tapered front section and precision machined thread unions.  The result is a polespear that’s responsive, hydrodynamic, and so seamless it feels like a single piece.  Tailor your polespear to the hunt, length can be adjusted by adding or subtracting sections.  Each polespear comes with a barbed paralyzer spearhead and rolls up in a compact travel bag for on-the-go diving.  They’re the ideal polespear for travelers, hunters, or anyone tight on space.


  • 6061 aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • 6mm spearhead threads
  • Precision machined unions
  • Machine swaged tapered front
  • Adjustable length
  • High modulus adjustable Nitro Band
  • Travel case
  • Barbed paralyzer spearhead
  • Made in America