Koah Fatback Series Enclosed Track Speargun

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The backbone of KOAH Spearguns, the Fatback was built to be your go-to gun in any environment .It is solid weight ballasted/balanced, trimmed down and rounded in the middle for easy tracking and comfortable grip . Channels were removed in the top of the gun to give better line of sight by keeping the bands away from the shaft. The muzzle has individual band holes for each band to bring ease to band changes. The new Rock Grip Koah handle has a comfortable ergonomic grip with aggressive rock grip pattern to keep your hand locked in place when shooting. The molded rubber gun butt with grip pattern back makes hip loading as easy as possible. The gun is equally thick at the front and rear of the gun so adding spare shaft/holder isn't a problem The KOAH Fatback will deliver the optimum balance of mobility, power, tracking and accuracy while minimizing recoil every time you fire.