Koah Twin Double Roller Series Speargun

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Imagine the power of a Bluewater Speargun with the recoil of a pellet gun. By far the most advanced, powerful, thought out and difficult model we have ever produced.  It takes the same amount of time to produce 8 Twin R models as it does to make 40+ reef models, 30 Big Body models or 24 Bluewater models.  Same tech as our best selling Reef Roller models only twice as much.... and then some. We started with an aggressively shaped, ergonomic curved gun body with the strength to handle the extreme stretch of the specialized small inside diameter roller bands. Shaped band ramps at the muzzle to promote band separation down the stock. Added core internal ballasting in combination with the V.B.S (Variable Ballast System) to neutralize remaining recoil and trim balance the gun. Used (4) delrin ball bearing rollers for an extremely smooth pull in combination with our 1000lb triple core dyneema wishbones for band longevity. High strength 11/32 heat treaded 17-4PH shaft. Carbon fiber band lifters, safety and plates. AR Aluminum handle base for interchangeable grips comes standard with the Rubberized houge Grip for ultimate comfort and natural feel. Best of all it is built to handle almost any High volume reel without dealing with tangles or bird nesting. If your looking for the ultimate in Bluewater hunting, the new KOAH Twin R will meet your expectations. 

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