Meandros Albatros Spearfishing Vertical Reel

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The Meandros reel Albatros is a very robust freespool reel that will satisfy with it's high performance.


The solution for an inox reel with minimum negative buoyancy of 77-100 gr is here and it is called  ALBATROS plus, it consists of a molded (monoblock and not 2-3 parts) synthetic drum that takes advantage of all the positive factors that make an awesome reel such as: reel size vs capacity, drum is made in a special mold where it is formed with perforated shaft and perforated rims in flake shape, giving excellent performance in pressure and blows with the best static, minimum weight, volume and size depending on the capacity, whilst helping in the cord to dry in order to prevent rot. The base of the reel is made of stainless steel 1.25 & 1.5mm type marine, precise cut in Laser CNC and formed in special mold. Ease of installation in most spearguns and ideal static stiffness with minimum weight. The assembly base is riveted as not to protrude outside the base causing unmanageable-impairment and trouble, with two axels spacers strategically around the drum, avoiding the possibility of tangling and escape the filament outside the drum. The winding lever is stable, made of stainless steel and innervated for resistance to hard use and protection in transit with o-ring between the base and the lever, maintains the necessary constant and slight flow resistance is needed to have the drum during unwinding of the cord. The automatic brake function like all Meandros reels is second to no other reel in the global market. All components are thoroughly and evenly sculptured without sharp edges.


Size and Capacity:

#2L will take140 feet of 1.7mm Dyneema Core SpearPro line

#3 will take165 feet of 1.7mm Dyneema Core SpearPro line

#4 will take 230 feet of 1.7mm Dyneema Core SpearPro line

#5will take 290 feet of 1.7mm Dyneema Core SpearPro line