Meandros Manta Speargun Reel

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Horizontal or Vertical reel, controlled release regulator flow resistance for the correct and safe unwinding of coils of line with excellent quality construction, operation, mounting base and drum .The drum is made of perforated plastic and the spindle with custom and innervated, perforated metal hoops , adding minimal weight, volume and size according to their capacity while simultaneously helping with the drying of the line to avoid rot .The base of the reel is made of marine type stainless steel which is cut out with a Laser CNC and formed into specific molds that can be placed in a horizontal or vertical position. Also due to the release function not including screws enables the reel to work without any conversion, either clockwise or counterclockwise.The design offers incomparable aesthetics, ease of installation on most spearguns, ideal stiffness with minimum weight.The winding lever is foldable and prevents the creation of centrifugal forces and can be varied depending on the radius of rotation desired by the user. It is made of stainless steel for durability.When one wishes to install the reel vertically the lever can be used in any position without converting the drum. Alongside is the sole lever that acts as a regulator of flow – resistance .The lever is not just a common folding lever pivot but a reliable regulator with excellent performance and longevity. All components are thoroughly and evenly refined without sharp edges .Produced in 4 sizes to cover the most demanding users.Capacity - Line DiameterSize 1 - 30m/1.4mmSize 2 - 38m/1.4mmSize 3 - 47m/1.4mmSize 4 - 52m/1.6mm