Rob Allen

Rob Allen Speargun Load Assist Band

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Rob Allen Load Assist

The Rob Allen Load Assist makes loading your speargun easier! It is ideal for spearos who may find loading their speargun difficult or near impossible. The RA Load Assist is also ideal for spearos wanting to use big blue water cannons or roller head spearguns. The RA Load Assist is also ideal for spearos who may have trouble loading their guns due to injury or poor flexibility.


  • Makes loading your speargun quick and easy
  • Simple and easy to use in the water
  • Easy to carry in the water, just roll it up you arm or clip onto your float/belt
  • Ideal for spearos who may have limited movement or injury in their arms or shoulders
  • Great for female spearos who may struggle to load bigger guns
  • Light weight design is ideal for the traveling spearo